Education & Activity Center

PFCU has put together a kid-friendly financial resource center for families to enjoy at home.

Money EDU
Get access to financial education just for teens online with MoneyEDU from PFCU. You can register online or visit the website to explore a variety of courses and tools.

Dollar Duck Saves His Bucks
Help your child learn about financial responsibility with this fun and interactive online book by PFCU. You can also download and print free coloring pages right from the story!

Coloring Pages
Download and print more free coloring pages of Dollar Duck activities, from going to the beach and camping to reading in his room.

Youth Financial Education
Teach your child smart money-management skills with these financial lessons for little ones. Many are good for parents, too!

Online Resources
Visit these websites for more financial education and activities for the whole family. FTC Consumer Information | Sesame Street Children’s Workshop | Crayola Crayons | The United States Mint | PBS Kids | The Mint

Money Worksheets
Practice counting coins and money with these interactive worksheets.
Coin Match | Counting Coins | Counting Money | Counting to a Dollar | Making Change

Power Sessions: Credit Score

Learn what a credit score is, what factors go into it, the impact it has on your life, how you can improve it and more in this video series. 

Power Sessions: Cyber Security

Learn about the basics of cyber security, common types of threats, and how you can stay safe online by protecting your digital footprint in this video series.

Power Sessions: Identity Theft

Learn about the information thieves want, what they can do with it, and common tactics they use - as well as warning signs, how to protect yourself, and what to do if your identity is stolen in this video series.

Power Session: Saving

Get tips and tricks for making the most out of your money in this video.

Power Session: Credit Report

Learn about your credit activity, history and more in this video.