Youth Financial Education

With back to school season in session, teach your children smart-money management skills early on with these financial lessons for little ones. Many apply to parents, too!

  • Interest: Earning interest on your deposits can help you grow your money, but owing interest on dues can put you further into debt.
  • Credit: While using credit is good for certain circumstances, it is important to pay it off responsibly so that you don’t incur interest and can obtain funding for future purchases, like a home or car.
  • Loans: Although loans are needed sometimes, they aren't free money. Understanding that you will pay back more than what you borrowed will help you make better money decisions.
  • Budgeting: Creating a budget is important to ensure that you can pay for necessities, contribute to your savings, and afford some fun spending.
  • Saving: Having a savings can help you pay for unexpected events, as well as things you want, whether it’s an object or an experience.

Learn more about our commitment to youth financial education - from our youth savings accounts to our student-run school branch program.