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You Name It Accounts

PFCU Credit Union Helping Me in 2023

Accumulate money to spend on a special trip, a personal reward or, well, you name it. This account earns interest like PFCU’s regular savings account, and you can deposit money as often as you’d like to help you reach your goal. Look to set a regular weekly savings goal of $10, $20 or more and see your savings build over time. All you need is $5.00 to open your club account and make savings a priority.

How to Open: 

  1. Login to PFCU's Online Banking. Not currently registered? Enroll here.
  2. Select 'Services' from the Menu on the left
  3. Select 'Open a Sub-Account'
  4. Select 'Personal Sub Savings' as the Account type
  5. Complete the prompts
  6. Agree to the Disclosure 
  7. Select 'Next' + 'Submit'

Once you open your sub account, you can set up automatic transfers from your direct deposit or other accounts to start building your savings today!