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Cutting Utility Costs

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Utility electricity rates rise and fall throughout the year and unfortunately are something consumers really have no control over. Factors contributing to these fluctuations include fuel costs, supply and demand, and now the effects of the pandemic hitting utility companies hard. Americans continue to do laundry, cook and use more electricity at home – all while gas bills in the U.S. are predicted to rise up to 30% this winter, the National Energy Assistance Directors Association predicts (Good Morning America). As you try to navigate these colder temperatures and rising costs, below are some tips you can try to save some money on your utility bills this winter:

Layer Up!

“Cold? Put another layer on!” A phrase many probably resented when they were children but completely understand now. When you feel that extra chill, throwing another layer of clothing or a blanket on will help to combat the cold temperatures.

Switch the Lighting

According to Energy.Gov, “Lighting accounts for around 15% of an average home's electricity use, and the average household saves about $225 in energy costs per year by using LED lighting.” In addition to money savings from energy efficient bulbs, consider implementing controls on your lighting such as timers or dimmers, as these additional controls will contribute to even more savings.

Turn It Down

Some can be quick to turn the thermostat up when they're cold – but turning it down is also a quick way to save some money! Turning the thermostat down just a few degrees may cause it to feel a little cooler, but it will feel even better when you see those utility bills reduced! Throwing on some extra layers will help combat the cool air.

Apply Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is easy to install and makes a huge difference. Not only does it keep the outdoor air there, it keeps the warm air in and pesky bugs away. This is a super easy do-it-yourself project!

Pack That Dishwasher

Dishes need washing? Pack that baby tight! Don’t waste water and energy on a half load. Pack 'er up and let 'er run! If you want to save even more energy, run your loads overnight, turn off the ‘heated dry’ function, and let your dishes air dry.

As always, you can save a little gas money this winter by avoiding the travel to any branch location and managing your finances using your PFCU Mobile App. Happy Holidays!