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Debit Cards

Celebrating 75 years of service

Do you need to make a purchase? A debit card is a quick, convenient tool to match the pace of your busy life. Use your PFCU Debit Card to pay for items, withdraw money directly or send money to another individual throughout Michigan and beyond. PFCU Debit Cards have enhanced card security with EMV chip technology for an extra layer of protection.

PFCU Debit Card Benefits:

  • Convenience – Eliminate the clutter of cash and checks, use your card directly or upload to your mobile wallet for even greater ease-of-use
  • No interest charges or annual fees – Even if you use your card minimally, there is not cost to keep it activated.
  • Easy access to your money thru ATMs & ITMs – Withdraw or Deposit funds, transfer money, submit loan payments, and so much more!
  • Stay out of debt - Debit cards can help you stick to your budget by offering access to only the funds you have.
  • Widely Accepted – Debit cards are accepted for almost all local and international transactions.

Become a member or add a PFCU Debit Card to an existing checking account. If you have any questions, contact us at 844-517-3611 or use our live chat support.

Please review PFCU's Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure.