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Mobile Wallet

PFCU Credit Union Helping Me in 2023

A Mobile Wallet is a convenient, electronic way to carry all of your credit cards and debit cards – along with other commonly carried items. Stored securely on your mobile device, Mobile Wallets – like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay – can be quickly and easily accessed when checking out at participating stores and making online purchases from your phone.


  • Convenience
    • You have the benefit of not having to carry around your physical cards.
    • Store all cards in one place without digging through your purse or wallet.
  • Security
    • Mobile Wallets encrypt your information to safeguard it from hackers.
    • Two-factor authentication makes it even more difficult for fraudsters to access your information.
  • Ease of use
    • Simply pull out your phone, authenticate your identity and tap to pay.
    • Accepted by many retailers.

Additional Features:

  • Mobile Wallets like Apple Pay allow you to add things like airline boarding passes, concert tickets, and even rewards cards.
  • Mobile Wallets can (if you give permission) securely autofill your card information while you’re shopping online, allowing you to check out more efficiently.
  • It’s sanitary! Since you don’t have to touch the checkout/scanners at all (just hold your phone or Smart Watch above them) you avoid germs!

Some things you should consider:

  • If your phone battery dies, you will not be able to make payments
  • You may not be able to use your digital wallet for all transactions, and some digital wallets are more widely accepted than others.