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Money Saving Ideas

Whether you are trying to reduce your monthly expenses or save for a major purchase, there are times when we all need to save more money. Your day-to-day spending decisions can add up in ways you may not expect. Common behaviors that increase spending may include:

Eating Out

Everyone gets in a pinch and it is easy to grab something quick at a restaurant or drive-thru. Doing this often, however, can add up quickly. Buying food from any place other than a supermarket is a convenience that's priced accordingly, while being prepared with food from home can save hundreds of dollars per month. 

Not Comparison Shopping

Prices can vary substantially between supermarkets and between items at the same supermarket, and the often cheaper generic versions of food items can be just as good as name brands. The same rule goes for clothes - prices can vary widely on very similar items depending on the store.

Using Automatic Subscriptions

Automatic payment subscriptions are super helpful when it comes to keeping my Netflix, Hulu and car insurance paid monthly. Sometimes we have so many subscriptions we don't realize where we have money going and may be paying for things twice or subscriptions we don't need. Take some time to review your account to see where you can cut back and ensure you are not overpaying!

Other ideas for saving money:

Using Savings Apps

There are many apps available to give you cash back simply for uploading your receipts. From every day purchases to clothing and groceries, there are a variety of apps out there. Check out these grocery savings apps!

Automatic Savings

Setting up an automatic payroll split or checking to savings transfer each pay period is a great way to build an emergency fund or save for a goal. PFCU members can set this up in their Online Banking today!

Automatic Bill Payment

Late fees, higher interest rates, and damage to your credit report are just a some of the potential consequences of late payments. Minimize the chances of late payments by setting up automatic payments for recurring bills. There's typically no additional cost and, if you have student loans, you may even qualify for an interest rate reduction.

While these are just a few ideas to try, there are many steps you can take to save a little money here and there. Small savings built up over time give you big returns!