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Postcard Solicitation

Recently we've seen a rise in postcards being mailed to members referring to a recently closed mortgage you may have with PFCU.  Please note that this communication IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH PFCU.  All communications regarding your personal accounts would be through first class mail, in sealed envelopes, through email personnally addressed to you, or by direct phone calls.

Many records become public information after you move or close on a house.  That means that any interested party may be able to access details about the mortgage lender, the borrower, the loan amount and the property address through public records.  As a PFCU member you can be assured we have security measures and fraud prevention tools to protect your personal information from unauthorized access and use.

What you should do

If you receive a postcard like this, please be aware that it is NOT PFCU, nor is this business affiliated with us in any way.  You DO NOT need to call the 800 number on the card, and you DO NOT need to take any further action.  If you have any questions about your mortgage or any mail you receive about it, you can always call our member service department at 844-517-3611.  We're always happy to help!