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Rev Up Your Savings: Exploring General Motors College Appreciation Program

PFCU Credit Union Helping Me in 2023

Picture this- you are entering the second semester of your sophmore year of college. The college life has treated you well. You get good grades, have made some great friends, and even got a part-time job to pay for your apartment. Life is good. On your way to work, someone rear-ends you, your car is totaled. You’re a college student working a minimum wage job, you don’t have enough savings to pay for a new car. What do you do?

Maybe your situation looks like this or maybe you have just decided you want to upgrade from your 2006 Chevy Impala. Either way, buying a car is expensive. Lucky for you, General Motors understands this and has created discounts specifically for college students.

General Motors College Appreciation Program

This program is just one of the many student discount programs available. The GM College Appreciation Program helps college students and recent graduates save on eligible GM vehicles. 


This program is available to current college or graduate students and those who have graduated from a two or four-year college in the past two years. This program can also apply to the individual’s spouse. In order to qualify, you must show proof or your enrollment or a diploma from no more than two years ago.

How Do I Sign Up?

  1. Go to GM College Appreciation
  2. Register with your email
  3. Once you have created your account, you will be prompted to answer questions regarding your schooling
  4. In order to get the discount, you must get an authorization number

What's the Discount?

This program currently provides a $500 discount on select GM vehicles. The best part, these discounts can be combined with most current offers. The buyer is also given the option to defer payments for 90-days when financing with GM financial. Discounts expire at the end of every year. However, the current discount has been available for the past few years. 

How Do I Get a Loan?

You have come to just the right place to get a loan. PFCU is partnered with 15 dealerships that offer student discounts. Getting an auto loan through PFCU is simple. When you go to one of our preferred dealerships, let them know that you would like to get a loan through us. The rest will be handled by the dealership. Check out the following dealerships to get a student discount AND a loan through PFCU:

Companies, like General Motors, understand the financial stress that comes with being a student. The GM College Appreciation Program provides valuable discounts on vehicles, acknowledging the stress that college students endure and offering support to alleivate some of their burdens. As a student, it is important to educate yourself and take advantage of these discounts provided to you.  

General Motors College Appreciation Program