Credit Union Week 2018

The “Credit Union Difference” is about more than just better rates, lower fees and member perks – although we’ll admit these parts are pretty great. It’s about upholding certain principles that truly separate credit unions from other financial institutions and help dreams thrive.

  • Democratic Control: As cooperatives, credit unions are owned and run by members. This allows PFCU to focus on people, not profits – and support the well-being of the communities and people in which we serve. Plus, our revenue is returned to you, as opposed to going into shareholder pockets.
  • Volunteer Board: Credit union Board of Directors are volunteers, not paid for their service. Following this construct, the PFCU Board is truly dedicated to serving the best interest of the credit union and the community, guiding members toward success.
  • Service to Members: Credit unions are committed to consumer service and satisfaction. PFCU’s friendly professionals, financial coaches, solutions finder and more are available to serve our members’ needs.
  • Social Responsibility: Being locally-based, credit unions are dedicated to the community. PFCU proudly supports many organizations and charities throughout our Michigan area to help improve the lives of our community.
  • Co-Op Cooperation: While PFCU is a local credit union, members enjoy access to surcharge-free ATMs at more than 28,000 Co-Op Network locations in Michigan and beyond.
  • Financial Stability: Like many credit unions, PFCU has been in business for a long time. Since 1947, we've been growing and continuing to support your banking needs. And, PFCU was recently recognized as an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Ongoing Education: Caring about the community, credit unions teach financial literacy. PFCU provides members access to free financial coaches, student-run school branches, industry resources, calculators, a security center and more.

To learn more about Credit Union Week and the “Credit Union Difference,” contact us or stop by one of our locations.

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