Audio Teller with LUCY

Telephone Banking

Meet LUCY, our telephone banking service. You can access your account 24/7 from a touchtone phone and take care of various money-management tasks, whether you’re in Michigan or anywhere in the world.

Save time by using our audio teller to transfer money, review cleared checks, balance your checkbook, make loan payments, transfer money and much more.

Helpful Hints When Accessing LUCY

  • Have your PFCU account number(s) ready
  • Dial LUCY at (800) 647-LUCY (5829)
  • Always press the “#” key after you enter an account number or an amount of money (Example: $45.00 is entered as 4500#)
  • Press the “*” key at any time to return to the main menu or end the call

Common Share Suffixes

  • 1 = Regular Savings
  • 2 = Christmas Club
  • 4 =  Money Market Accounts
  • 6-9= Checking Accounts
  • 10-19 = Additional Savings Account Suffixes

When you connect to LUCY, press 1 for the main menu to access your account or press 2 to report your PFCU debit/ATM card lost or stolen.

How to Use PFCU’s Phone Banking

Pressing 1 will ask you to:

  1. Enter your credit union base account number.
  2. Create a Personal Access Code of at least six digits that you will use to access LUCY.
  3. Enter the Social Security number of the primary account holder (only required at set-up).

Main Menu

  1. Balance inquiries
  2. History inquiries
  3. Withdrawals
  4. Transfers
  5. Checking information
  6. Loan information
  7. Additional options
  8. Credit card inquiry
  1. Balance Inquiry Menu
    1. Share (Savings) balance
    2. Checking balance
    3. Loan balance
    4. Open share list
    5. Open loan list
  2. History Inquiry Menu
    1. Last deposit
    2. Last payroll deposit
    3. Share history
    4. Loan history
    5. Deposit history
    6. Recent transaction history
    7. Checking history
    8. Point-of-sale history
    9. Debit card history
    10. ATM history
    11. ACH history
    12. Payroll history
    13. Loan payment history
  3. Withdrawal Menu
    1. Checking withdrawal
    2. Share withdrawal
    3. Loan advance
  4. Transfer Menu
    1. Share to share transfer
    2. Share to loan transfer
    3. Loan to share transfer
  5. Checking Information Menu
    1. Checking balance
    2. Check number inquiry
    3. Checking history
    4. Check # range
  6. Loan Information Menu
    1. Loan balance
    2. Loan payment inquiry
    3. Loan payment history
    4. Loan payoff
    5. Open loan list
  7. Additional Options Menu
    1. Year-to-date information
      1. IRA contributions
      2. Dividend information
      3. Interest information
    2. Change preferences
      1. Change personal access code
      2. Change language
      3. To change account
  8. Credit Card Inquiry
    1. Credit card information
    2. Credit card payment

If you have any questions, use our live chat support feature at the top of this page or contact us.