Mobile Wallets

With Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay - making payments with your PFCU debit card is easier than ever. At this time, mobile wallets are only available for PFCU Debit Cards, Credit cards will be available soon, please check back for updates.

Apple Pay

  • Select the pre-loaded wallet app on your apple device
  • Follow the steps to add a new card
  • Tap next. Your information will be verified. If more information is needed you will be informed.
  • After your card is verified, tap next and start using Apple Pay
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Google Pay

  • Download Google Pay
  • Open the Google Pay app and follow the setup instructions. You may need to set up a PIN, pattern, password or finger print screen lock
  • Add a supported card by clicking the “+” at the bottom right of the screen
  • Tap to add a credit or debit card and input card information
  • If you’re asked to verify your payment method, choose a verification method from the list
  • Find and enter the verification code and start using Google Pay
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Samsung Pay

  • Install Samsung Pay
  • Enter your Samsung account information to sign in and agree to the Terms of Service
  • To assign your fingerprint as the verification method, touch “use finger print.” To use a four digit Samsung Pay PIN instead of fingerprint, touch “skip” and use Samsung Pay PIN
  • To add a card navigate to and touch “Add> Add a credit card or debit card” then follow the prompts
  • Enter your signature and save to begin using Samsung Pay
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An easier way to pay

A Mobile Wallet is a convenient, lightweight way to carry all of your credit cards and debit cards – along with other commonly carried items. Stored securely on your mobile device in the form of an application, Mobile Wallets – like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay – can be quickly and easily accessed when checking out at participating stores and when making online purchases from your phone.

  Apple Pay Google Pay Samsung Pay
NFC Payments
(Near Field Communications)
MST Payments
(Magnetic Secure Transmissions)
Touch ID Authentication    
In-App Purchases
Requires Device with Touch ID    

Offering enhanced security

Mobile Wallets are considered more secure. Mobile Wallets are encrypted and have protections in place to keep your information within the application secure – from fingerprints to personal identification numbers. Such safeties make stealing your card and other information much more difficult than stealing and simply opening a wallet, creating less risk for card or identity theft.

Benefiting you in many ways

There are many advantages to using Mobile Wallets, including the following:

  • Enhanced protection against fraudulent activity
  • Reduced time for making payments, in store and online
  • Save space in your pocket or purse
  • Safely store and access all of your cards from a central location
  • Prevent loss of card or other sensitive personal information
  • Accepted by many major retailers, with continuing adoption
  • More convenient online checkout from mobile devices

When adopting Mobile payments, there are some things you should consider:

  • If your phone battery dies, you will not be able to make payments
  • As with normal credit card purchases, retailers can use your purchase history as ways to promote products and advertising.

Get Started with Mobile Wallets

Add your PFCU debit card to the Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay Mobile Wallet applications.

Contact us or visit a PFCU location for more information.