Make the Most of Every Moment

From opening your first account and buying your first home to getting ready for retirement, we're here for you with helpful banking services, solutions and staff. Make the most out of every moment – and your money – with PFCU.

  • Opening your first account

    Early bird gets the worm. Set your children up for financial success by having them start saving and learn smart money management habits early with youth banking solutions and specials.

  • Establishing credit

    We give you credit. Get the purchasing power you need to pay for larger expenses and important life events that require credit with a MasterCard Platinum Credit Card.

  • Buying a vehicle

    Get into gear. Whether you want a car for practical purposes or a motorcycle for play, PFCU helps drive your dreams with new and used auto loans.

  • Paying off debt

    You owe it to yourself. Simplify your repayment plan to make eliminating IOUs easier on you and your wallet with a consolidation loan.

  • Preparing for retirement

    Plan for the future. Saving for retirement is monetarily and mentally doable with an IRA, certificate of deposit and the help of our financial advisors.

  • Getting married

    Cue the wedding bells. Get everything you need to make the perfect moments and memories on your special day with a personal loan.

  • Buying a home

    Make your dreams a reality. Buying or building your perfect place is possible with many mortgage solutions and staff at PFCU.

  • Having a family

    Expect the best, but plan for the worst. Protect you and your family from financial misfortune brought by unexpected events with Insurance from PFCU.

  • Starting a company

    Take care of business. Get going and grow your company with business banking solutions including loans, accounts and services.

  • Rebuilding credit

    Hit refresh. We don’t get an undo button in real life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a redo.  Rebuild your credit to increase your reliability, decrease your rate and more.

  • Going on an adventure

    Life is a journey. And it’s who you’re with that makes a difference. Make irreplaceable memories every place you go with your RV and PFCU.

Simplify your finances, reach your goals and make the most of your money with PFCU. Contact us or visit your any location to learn more.

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