Are you looking for a way to get involved at PFCU?

PFCU has volunteer committees whose job is to provide direction and governance to the credit union while monitoring its overall affairs. There is a reliance on volunteers fill all the positions on our Board of Directors and Audit Committee.  PFCU is looking to fill a position on its Audit Committee by the end of July, 2020.

The PFCU Audit Committee is responsible for visiting and conducting unannounced audits of all the PFCU branch and main offices. There are currently thirteen offices in the PFCU network Branch and main office audits are currently conducted once a month, except the month of July. 

Generally, an audit requires about 2 to 4 hours to complete depending on the specific logistics of the individual branch being audited. Audits normally take place in the time period prior to the opening of AM business hours at each branch.  Primarily an audit consists of verifying the branch’s financial totals from the close of the previous business day.


  • Any member 21 years or older who has been a PFCU member in good-standing, who has an established account(s) for one year
  • Individual must be bondable
  • Must receive clearance through an authorized background check and credit check
  • Have the flexibility and desire to attend scheduled monthly audits on a regular basis
  • Be free of significant conflicts of interest which may prevent acting in the best interest of the credit union
  • Up hold the confidentially of events and information that committee members deal with while performing their duties
  • There are no established or required career training or educational criteria to serve on this committee
  • Prior career experiences or educational training in positions that include financial experiences is helpful

If interested in a position with the Audit Committee, please fill out the following form and the credit union will follow up with you for next steps.

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