Careers & Training

Credit Unions Help Bridge Michigan's Skills Gap

As a service to members, credit unions in Michigan, including PFCU, provide information and tools about high-demand career opportunities in Michigan in skilled trades. These careers don’t typically require four-year degrees, and are in industries such as information technology, health care, manufacturing, energy and agriculture.

Our goal with these materials is to help young people see that they can stay in Michigan and make a good living. Keeping young adults in Michigan is a vision shared by lawmakers, leaders, families and credit unions. But there is a widening skills gap, which makes it hard for businesses to fill skilled jobs because they can’t find qualified candidates.

A comprehensive guide, Career and Technical Training for Skilled Trade Occupations in Michigan, which is available at the below link, details 24 high-demand careers. The guide includes video links showcasing each career, links to locate training, industry salary information, and forecasted job growth.  Our credit union trade association worked with Michigan’s Workforce Development Agency, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and other community partners to create the comprehensive report. 

Credit Unions help bridge Michigan's Skills Gap