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For a comprehensive guide for Sagelink, a Division of PFCU members, view this Welcome Booklet.

Online banking
If you need assistance with PFCU online banking, access additional information or contact us. Note: Members of Sagelink, a Division of PFCU need to login using their credentials as they have before by selecting the login button at the top right of PFCU’s webpage and follow the prompts.

Lucy (telephone teller):
To get started with PFCU’s telephone teller, Lucy, contact us.

Automatic payments to and from your account
You must provide your new account number (including suffix number) for automatic payments to take place. Your new base account number will start with a “1” and fill in with “0”s until your number begins so that your account will be 8 digits long.

Example: Your existing account number is 1234. You will add a “1” at the front and fill the remaining spaces with “0” making your account number 8 digits long. Your new base account number would become 10001234.

Automatic payments also require a suffix number that will be added to the back of your account number. Example: your base account number is 10001234 and you want your automatic payment to take place from your savings account (suffix number 0001). The account number that you would provide for automatic payments now becomes 100012340001.

Note: Each suffix number will vary by type of account. Please check your specific account structure to verify the suffix number. You can do this by logging in to your home banking, referencing your account statement or contacting us.

Wire Transfers
Some things you will fill in on the wiring form:

  • Full name of the other financial institution
  • Their Routing and Transit number
  • Address of financial institution
  • The final recipient’s name and address
  • The final recipient’s full account number in which to deposit
  • Fee for an outgoing wire is $20.00.
  • Fee for an incoming wire is $5.00.

Learn more about wire transfers.

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