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Changing your checking account is as easy as it is to bank with us. We cater to your convenience from the very beginning with our Simple Switch Kit that includes all the supplies and steps you’ll need to follow for a smooth, hassle-free transition.

First things first.
Step 1: Open up your new checking*

Complete our account opening application and bring the form, along with a valid ID and your initial deposit into your local PFCU branch. We require in-office openings to obtain your original signature and verify your identity. This is to protect you and PFCU from fraudulent activity.

On to the next.
Step 2: Close down your old accounts

Close your existing checking account(s) with your current financial institution. Be sure to leave your old account(s) active with sufficient funds long enough to allow outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear. This process may take several weeks. Once all pending transactions have been completed, inactivate your account(s) and request that your previous financial institution send you the remaining balances. Upon receipt, you can destroy your old checks, ATM/ Debit cards and deposit slips.

Last but not least.
Step 3: Change over your automatic transactions

Change your direct deposit and update automatic withdrawals. Contact all applicable companies and financial institutions and let them know that you will be changing your checking to PFCU. Use this comprehensive checklist to keep track of who you may need to contact.

You’re done!
Told you it was easy.

If you have any questions or need assistance completing our Simple Switch Kit, please feel free give us a call or stop by one of our branches. Our friendly staff will be happy to walk you through the process of changing your checking to PFCU.

*A valid ID is required at this time.
*To be eligible for all of our cost-saving, convenient services you must become a member. You can join PFCU by simply opening a savings account with $5.00 - which can be done when you come in to open a checking. Once we have your signature on file, we make it easier to apply for a loan or open another account online.