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Learning Opportunities

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Spend and Save Smart

Feeling schooled by your finances? PFCU is committed to supporting smart money-management with a variety of brainy banking solutions and resources. Here is a helpful study guide so you can learn to spend and save smart.

  • Get back to basics: Paying with cash can help you spend less and save more. Pay a visit to one of our local Michigan locations or surcharge-free ATMs to access an appropriate allowance.
  • Do your homework: When you need financial aid, like a loan or line of credit, be sure to shop around for the best rates to save on interest. Check out our current rates – we’re offering some of the best around.
  • Don’t procrastinate: Think about retirement earlier rather than later so you don’t need to have a cram session right before you’re “ready” to retire. PFCU helps you prepare with Traditional and Roth IRA options.
  • Spend smart: Create balance between cash in and cash out. PFCU helps you monitor your money with convenient banking solutions.
  • Earn extra credit: Take advantage of opportunities to earn interest on your money. PFCU helps you make the most of your means with certificatesour Checking Plus accountspecial savings solutions and more.
  • Take a recess: Mix in some fun with your fundamental expenses. Earn points toward redeemable rewards every time you get groceries, fuel up, pay utilities and more with a MasterCard Platinum from PFCU.
  • Use a planner: Set a budget distributing your dollars wisely towards saving and spending – and stick to it! PFCU offers a variety of valuable banking solutions that can help you organize your finances.
  • Pay your dues: Cut out credit and pay off any IOUs before taking on any additional debt. PFCU offers financial services and solutions to help you save and say goodbye to any outstanding balances.
  • Work smarter, not harder: Effortlessly reduce expenses by taking advantage of coupons and price-cutting programs. PFCU helps members save with access to exclusive credit union discounts.
  • Steer clear of cheaters: Keep your cash and credit secure from criminals to avoid hassles and headaches. PFCU can help you stay safe with EMV Chip Cards that provide an additional layer of security to debit and credit cards.
  • Avoid all-nighters: Don’t save saving for the last minute. PFCU helps you prepare for short and long-term needs with a variety of savings solutions to help you reach your goals.
  • Be a life-long learner: Make educated decisions about your finances throughout all life stages. PFCU offers all-the-time access to resources so you can learn how to manage your money, whether you’re fifteen or fifty.

Cue the Commencement

Now that you’ve been through our financial education crash course, start making smarter financial choices with PFCU!

Contact us at 844-517-3611, use our live chat support or stop by one of our local Michigan locations to learn more about our offerings and join PFCU!