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Pocket Change

Saving couldn’t get easier!

Pay yourself first. It’s one of the most frequent—and best— pieces of advice a financial coach can give! Yet, it’s one of the most overlooked financial health practices. By participating in the PFCU Pocket Change Savings Program, you’re setting up an automatic savings plan for yourself that makes it less of a hassle to save money and keep it saved.

Here’s how it works

PFCU Pocket Change works like an automatic savings account. Your everyday debit card transactions are rounded‐up to the next dollar amount and at the end of each day the difference is deposited into your designated PFCU Savings Account.

PFCU members saved over $1,000,000 in 2023!

Watch the savings add up
Purchase Weekly Cost Pocket Change
Coffee $2.35 $0.65
Lunch $10.45 $0.55
Merchandise $27.53 $0.47
Gas $32.09 $0.91
Groceries $186.23 $0.77
Entertainment $20.17 $0.83
Total Total Pocket Change = $4.18 / Week
That could add up to $217.36 / Year

What do I need to get started?

  • PFCU Checking Account
  • PFCU Savings Account
  • PFCU Mastercard Debit Card

How Do I Enroll?

Use the button below to register online, stop into your local branch, or call 844-517-3611 to speak with a Teller or Member Service Representative!

Pocket Change Registration

You should always verify that your debit card transaction posts for the right amount using Online Banking. Once you have opted in, simply check your designated savings account balance to see your transfer deposits appear at the end of each day. Watch your PFCU Pocket Change Savings grow!

  • Move the change into your child’s savings account.
  • Set up a savings account that you’ll use for charity.
  • Build up some spending money for an upcoming vacation.
  • Designate your PFCU Christmas Club to receive your Pocket Change and help save for the holidays.
  • Save towards a down payment on a new vehicle purchase.

  • PFCU will aggregate the rounded amounts from your consumer debit card purchases that post to your checking account each day and make a single transfer at or near the end of each day. NOTE: this includes any transactions tied to your debit card, including but not limited to:
    • Person‐to‐Person payments (P2P/Send Money)

    • Automatic bill payments connected to your debit card

    • MobiMoney Transactions (soon to be SecurLOCK Equip Transactions)

    • Mobile Wallet Transactions (Samsung Pay, Google Pay & Apple Pay)

  • Even though rounded amounts will be automated, your statement will still reflect your purchase amount and the round up amount will be listed separately on your statement.
  • If on any day you do not have sufficient available funds in your checking account, the PFCU Pocket Change Transfer will not occur for that day.
  • There are no maximum amounts of purchases or change deposits per day/month.
  • Interest earned on all savings accounts. See rate schedule for current rates. All rates subject to change anytime.
  • When enrolling in the program, any and all debit cards associated with your account will also be enrolled in the PFCU Pocket Change Savings Program. Enrollment cannot be done on an individual card basis.

You must have a PFCU checking account and a PFCU Mastercard Debit Card to participate in the PFCU Pocket Change Savings Program. Once opted in, PFCU will round up your debit card purchases made using a PFCU Mastercard debit card to the nearest whole dollar, and transfer the difference from your checking account to the designated PFCU savings account. Whole dollar debit card transactions and ATM transactions are not included. PFCU will aggregate the round‐up from purchases that post to your checking account each business day and make a single transfer at the end of the business day. If you do not have the available funds in your account at the end of the business day to make the transfer, the transfer will be canceled. If your debit card purchase is subsequently canceled or reversed, the corresponding PFCU Pocket Change transfer deposit will remain in your savings account. Credit transactions or adjustments will not round up. Participation in the Program is at the account level, which means all debit card purchases made using any debit card associated with the checking account will round up to the nearest whole dollar. You cannot enroll or remove individual debit cards associated with your checking account. You may enroll any PFCU Checking or PFCU Checking Plus account. If you receive a new debit card due to your current card being lost, stolen, or reissued, your participation in the PFCU Pocket Change Savings Program will continue. There is no need to re‐enroll the checking account. Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Savings and other restricted savings accounts such as Certificates of Deposit are not eligible to receive PFCU Pocket Change Savings Program transfer deposits. Organization and Business checking accounts are not eligible to enroll. PFCU reserves the right to change or cancel the PFCU Pocket Change Savings Program at any time without notice.