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Routing & Transit # 272484056

Convenience Services

Free & Easy Payment Methods:

  • PFCU Online Banking & Mobile App
    1. Sign in* to your PFCU account using your web browser or Mobile App
    2. Select 'Loan/Credit Card Payment' from 'Loans' Tab on left Menu Bar
    3. Select the account you’re taking money 'From' and the loan / credit card you’re paying 'To'
    4. Select the 'Payment Type' and 'Amount' if applicable
    5. Check Box if you would like to make this payment an automatic, recurring transfer
    6. If you do select for recurring transfer, next select the transfer frequency, start date and end date of transfer
    7. If you do not select for recurring transfer, next select the 'Date' you’d like the payment to occur by clicking the calendar icon next to today’s date
    8. Click 'Make Payment.' Review your information and select 'Submit' to schedule transfer
  • Add External Financial Institution Account through your Online Banking or PFCU Mobile App and make a transfer payment
    1. Sign in* to your PFCU account using your web browser or Mobile App
    2. Select ‘Add External Account’ from the ‘Services’ Tab on the Left Menu Bar
    3. Follow the instructions provided on the ‘Add External Account’ screen. You will need to provide your external financial institutions Account Number, Routing Number and Account Type
    4. Once you have provided the required information select ‘Continue’
    5. Two trial deposits will be generated to your external account within 3 – 5 business days. These deposits are generated to ensure the accounts are properly connected
    6. Once the trial deposits are received at other financial institution, Login to your PFCU Online Banking and select ‘Verify External Accounts’ from the ‘Services Tab’ on the Left Menu Bar
    7. You will enter the amounts of both trial deposits received at other insititution to verify your External Account. You will not be able to make transfers to/from this External Account until the trial deposits are verified
    8. Once External Account is connected, you can complete a transfer payment. See instructions above for completing transfer payment from Online Banking or Mobile App
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Automatic ACH or Bill Pay from another financial institution
  • Credit Card Payment: Sign in to PFCU Online Banking and select 'Credit Card' from the 'Loans' Tab on the left Menu. This will take you to the eZCard site where you can register, view transactions and make a payment from any financial institution
  • Mail us a payment
  • Get a cash advance from other financial institutions credit or debit card from any teller in the office and complete loan payment

*If you are a new user to PFCU Online Banking click here and select 'new user setup' under the Login Box to get started

Other Methods of Payment:

Pay your PFCU loan using your preferred type of payment from other financial institutions:

  • Credit cards*
  • Debit cards*
  • Checking**

There will be a fee of $10.00 assessed for making a payment with a credit card or debit card and a $5.00 fee for doing an electronic transfer from another institution. See above for other options to make payments free of charge.

Make a Payment

  • Call 844-517-3611 extension #1080 or call 866-285-2980 to access our automated loan line. Follow the guide to fulfill payment.

Tips for Other Methods of Payment

  • Have your account number ready:  this will be a 3 - 6 digit number with NO preceding zero's
  • Have your loan ID number ready:  this will be a 1 - 4 digit number.  If your loan ID number is less than 4 digits - add zero's to the front of the number to make it a total of 4 digits.

Your Payment Confirmation

If you enter your email when making an online payment, you will have a confirmation emailed to you. You can print the confirmation page. If you are paying by phone, you will get a confirmation number. The confirmation number will also show up on your statement and history.

For more information about making loan payments with PFCU, contact us at 844-517-3611, use our live chat support or visit your local branch.

*There is a $10.00 fee for credit and debit payments.
**There is a $5.00 fee for checking account payments.
***Payments posted after 3:30 pm EST and payments posted on the weekend or during holidays will be posted the following business day.

Few things are more embarrassing than picking up the tab at dinner or paying a vendor only to have your card declined for lack of funds. PFCU’s Courtesy Pay has you covered with overdraft protection from your Michigan credit union. You won’t overdraft on your account or bounce a check because PFCU will pay for the shortage in funds up to an approved limit*. The limits vary for each individual account.

Here’s How Courtesy Pay Works

  • PFCU offers Courtesy Pay to every account holder, and overdraft protection is at the discretion of PFCU based on how you manage your account.
  • PFCU charges the normal non-sufficient fund fee (currently $25**) for each item that draws your account negative.
  • You have 30 days to bring the account current through deposits made by funds transfer, direct deposit or a deposit made in person or by mail.

You are eligible for Courtesy Pay once your account has been active for 30 days and you’ve attained total deposits equaling $1,000. If you wish to opt out of the Courtesy Pay program, simply contact your local PFCU office and your Courtesy Pay limit will be removed.

If you have other questions, contact us at 844-517-3611 or use our live chat support. Experience convenient courtesy pay with us!

PFCU reserves the right to suspend Courtesy Pay privileges if we believe there has been misuse of the program, if your account is not in good standing, or if you exhibit poor account management.

*Courtesy pay for ATM and one-time debit card transactions require opting-in. Opting-in is required for the courtesy pay to function as the example indicates.

**A $25.00 fee will be assessed for each overdraft transaction above $5.00. Subject to change at any time.

For members that require an off-site location to keep their valuables, we have Safe Deposit Boxes for rent in our Portland, Ionia, Westphalia, Lake Odessa, Lansing, Durand and Swartz Creek offices. All locations do not have all the sizes available.

Size Annual Fee
3" x 5" $10.00
3" x 10" $25.00
5" x 5" $25.00
5" x 10" $35.00
6" x 10" $40.00
9" x 10" $45.00
10" x 10" $50.00

If you lose one key, you will be assessed a $20.00 fee. If both keys are lost, there will be a charge to have the lock redrilled or replaced.

With PFCU’s Skip a Payment option you can give your budget a break! For the cost of $30 per qualifying* loan you can skip your loan payment.    

Skip a Payment is available in Home Banking or our Mobile App!

To see if your loan is eligible:

  • Log in 
  • Menu
  • Loans
  • Skip-A-Payment  

Questions? Call: 844-517-3611 

*Qualifications: Account is in good standing with PFCU (loan, account balances and credit card balance are current). No loan delinquencies in the last 12 months, loan has been open for 4 months, $30.00 processing fee is available within the account.

Some restrictions apply. Real Estate loans, Mobile Home loans, Business loans and credit cards are not eligible for this offer. Eligible loans are allowed one Skip A Payment every 12 months. Any payment deferrals or extensions during the previous 12 months may affect approval. Regular payments will resume the month following the skipped payment month and will be due each succeeding month until the loan is paid in full. Skip request can only be scheduled for current due date it cannot be schedule for a date in the future. Skip requests may extend the term of your loan. Maximum loan payment amount that can be skipped is $800. The maximum loan amount that could qualify for Skip A Payment is capped at $50,000. 

Additional Information: If there is a GAP Policy tied to your loan, deferring payment may affect future GAP claims. Check your policy. If credit insurance is tied to you loan, credit insurance premiums will continue to be added to the outstanding balance and protection will continue. If you have automatic payments being applied from another institution, direct deposit or payroll deduction, those payments will expire the day you submit the request. They will resume 30 days from the skip request date. If you pay your loan via a recurring or scheduled payment, please note that you will need to cancel your next payment via your financial provider or through your online banking. PFCU will not be able to facilitate canceling the payment on your behalf. If you have a payroll deduction that comes into another PFCU account and applies to this loan id, please contact PFCU to make requested revisions to payroll deductions.

PFCU provides access to Notary Public and Medallion Signature Guarantee at all PFCU branches to members and Notary Public to non-members*. For more information about Notary Services offered at PFCU use our live chat support, contact us at 844-517-3611 or visit a branch location.

*There is a $5.00 fee for non-members. 

Wire Transfers at PFCU

Occasionally funds need to be sent or received quickly and a wire transfer is the answer! At this time, PFCU does not perform wire transfers TO foreign countries.

Outgoing Wire Transfers - to Another Financial Institution

Your signature is required to send an outgoing wire transfer to another financial institution. If you cannot come into one of our offices to sign, you may request a wire transfer by faxing the form to us. For your convenience, you may print the wiring form, fill in the blanks, sign it and fax it to us at 517-647-5223.  For your protection, we will call you to verify the wiring information. The phone number we have for you in our system MUST have been on record for at least 30-days for us to proceed with the wire transfer.

Besides your PFCU account information, you need wiring information from the other financial institution so it is best to call them directly. Some things you will fill in on the wiring form:

  • Full name of the other financial institution
  • Their Routing and Transit number
  • Address of financial institution
  • The final recipient’s name and address
  • The final recipient’s full account number in which to deposit
  • Fee for an outgoing wire is $20.00.

Incoming Wire Transfer to a PFCU account

Your wire must be sent to:
Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
Routing/Transit Number 271987635
184 Shuman Blvd Suite 400
Naperville, IL  60563

Further Credit to:
Routing & Transit # 272484056
9077 Charlotte Hwy
Portland, MI 48875

Final Credit to:
Member’s name
Members account number
Savings or loan 4 digit extension (suffix) number