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Teen Guide to Staying Engaged this Summer

Summer is here! Woohoo! While summer can be the default for fun and relaxtion, it can also be a period of academic and personal regression when we don’t actively engage ourselves. To stay engaged this summer and actively avoid the summer slide, try the following strategies:


Set ample time aside to read books and materials that interest you. Start by curating a summer reading list and challenge yourself to finish reading a set number of books by the end of your summer break. Commit time daily to achieving this goal.

Puzzles & Games

It can be easy to get sucked into fun video games, but it’s important to engage in puzzles, brain teasers and educational games. Such activities challenge your mind and help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Stick to a Schedule

Even during summer months, keeping a schedule will help you stay organized, remain motivated and avoid boredom. A working schedule may include:

  • Learning Time
  • Exercise & Outdoor Activities
  • Relaxation & Self-Care
  • Working Time (if you have a summer job)
  • Social Interactions

Take Advantage of Michigan’s Offerings

Are you looking for some adventure? Michigan has a lot of amazing opportunities to offer its residents at low to no cost. Take advantage of cultural treasures by setting time to explore these places and partake in these activities: