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Money Desktop

With PFCU’s online banking, users have access to great features, including a complimentary, easy-to-use Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool. MoneyDesktop provides a comprehensive view of your finances, combining all of your information from multiple accounts into a single dashboard from which you can perform important money management tasks.

  • Monitor accounts: get an overview of all accounts including balances, transactions and other important activity.
  • Perform transactions: send money to someone, make loan or bill payments and transfer funds easily.
  • Track spending: review and categorize spending to get see where your money is going and how you can make improvements.
  • Create budgets: define spending limits for monthly expenses including bills & utilities, food & dining, shopping, auto & transportation, services and more.
  • Manage debt: determine the total amount of money you owe and create a customized pay-off plan that fits your finances.
  • Set alerts: keep tabs on your accounts with alerts for security, spending and other activity.
  • Access resources: enjoy tools and services such as a loan payoff calculator, eStatements, stop payments, check reordering and more.
  • Identify trends: identify financial trends that may help you save money or spend smarter.
  • Open accounts: open sub-accounts to save for something special, budget for certain expenses and more.

For more information about MoneyDesktop, use our live chat support or contact us at 844-517-3611.