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We are no longer accepting applications for the 2022 McCrumb Scholarship.

The purpose of the $1,000 McCrumb Scholarship is to recognize and encourage scholastic achievement, community involvement, and excellent character.

Requirements to qualify for scholarship:  

  1. Must be a high school or home-schooled senior for the class of 2022.
  2. Must be a member, in good standing, of PFCU.
  3. Must enroll in an accredited university, vocational or technical college in the fall of 2022 following graduation.
  4. Must disclose GPA on application.

Criteria for awarding the scholarship by the McCrumb Scholarship Committee at PFCU:

  1. Citizenship - The recipient must have a good citizenship record, such as outside work activity advantageous to their church, family or community.
  2. Attitude - The student’s attitude must be that which, in the consideration and opinion of the committee, will make additional education or training beneficial to him/her in the community which the student will reside.
  3. Economics - The financial situation of the student shall be taken into consideration by the committee as to whether or not the applicant needs the funds. Students who will be working or repaying a large part of their education funding are encouraged to apply.

Details of Scholarship:

  1. There will be a total of 10 scholarship recipients - we strongly encourage those pursuing a skilled trade to apply for this scholarship.
  2. The amount awarded for the McCrumb Scholarship is $1,000.00 for each scholarship recipient.
  3. Payment will be made in check form and payable to the scholarship recipient to use towards future schooling.
  4. The scholarship must be used within one year after the date it is awarded.

The application, recommendation and essay need to be submitted, in full, online or to any PFCU office by March 31, 2022. All winning applicants will be notified by PFCU.

Please contact us via e-mail at or call (844) 517-3611 ext. 1131 with any questions.