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5 Grocery Savings Apps

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Inflation is at an all-time-high and one place American’s are especially feeling it is at the grocery store. Many grocery stores offer Mobile Applications with ways to save and often times those are needed to apply many advertised in-store discounts. In addition to these in-store money-saving apps, there are many other discount apps that offer additional savings and rebates. Check out our top five below:


Earn cash by adding offers, shopping at supported retailers and uploading a photo of your receipt. You can withdraw cash from your account once you reach $20.

Checkout 51

Download the free app, select your grocery store and see the current list offers. You’ll get cash back whenever you buy something that’s on the list, simply use your camera to take shots of your grocery receipt. Payout methods include PayPal or check.

Fetch Rewards

The app lets you scan your receipt from any store and earn points for products you probably buy already. When you reach a certain number of points you can redeem them for gift cards to major retailers.

A popular couponing website that also offers additional access on the app. Activate rebates in the app by tapping them, shopping and taking a picture of your receipt to earn cash back. Use this tool to save on groceries and everyday essentials.


The app lets you browse digital flyers from more than 2,000 retailers to find weekly deals. Since Flipp provides access to thousands of flyers, you can search for specific products and compare prices between retailers. That makes it easy to price-match at checkout if the store allows price matching.