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Christmas Club Savings

Do you find it hard to discipline yourself to save money during the year for the holiday shopping season? The Christmas Club is a great way to build towards your holiday goals. With this sub-savings account you can set up automatic deposits to grow that chunk of holiday cash without even thinking about it. Every October, just in time for the shopping madness, we will transfer the funds to an account of your choice so you can get ready to crush your holiday shopping. All it takes is $5.00 to open the account and get started towards savings. Imagine a debt-free January without the dreaded arrival of high credit-card statements!


How it Works:

Beginning at your request anytime throughout the year, you can begin saving money in that share. You can set up automatic transfers directly from your paycheck or you can transfer money into that share as you please. On the evening of October 20th each year, we will transfer the funds into an account you designate, just in time for holiday purchases. This account will automatically renew each year along with any transfers you have set up until you notify us otherwise.