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Online Banking

Bank anytime, anywhere with PFCU Online Banking

Offering you quick, easy and secure access to your account online – you can manage your money whenever you want with Online Banking from PFCU as long as you have internet access.

Tips to Get Started Mobile Banking

Enroll to start enjoying the benefits of PFCU Online Banking. For questions or Online Banking assistance, please use our live chat support, call 844-517-3611 or visit any PFCU location.

Enroll   Online Banking Log In

  • MoneyDesktop: Accounts here and there? Manage all of your accounts from multiple institutions in one convenient platform.
  • Text Banking: Manage money anywhere. Text short-codes to get account information sent directly to your phone.
  • Alerts: Stay in the know. Receive near real-time notifications right on your mobile device.
  • Account Management: Customize your experience and create sub-accounts anytime.

Getting Started – New Users

  1. Visit and click to Enroll as a new user
  2. You will be prompted to enter your name, account number, social security number, date of birth and zip code
  3. Create username
  4. The next screen will require a secure access code (SAC). To receive a code, select phone, SMS or email
  5. Create password (follow requirements listed)
  6. Update and look over your profile information then press to go to the next screen
  7. Look over and agree to the financial tools disclaimer
  8. Read and accept the login disclaimer
  9. You will then be directed to the home page of your new online banking experience

Getting Started – Existing Users

  1. Visit to enter your username and password
  2. The next screen will require a secure access code (SAC). To receive a code, select phone, SMS or email.
  3. Once you receive the SAC code, enter it in the box provided and press to continue
  4. Update and look over your profile information, then press to go to the next screen
  5. Look over and agree to the financial tools disclaimer
  6. Read and accept the login disclaimer
  7. You will automatically be directed to the home page of your new online banking!

Your Home Screen

Your homescreen features a snapshot of all of the accounts that you are listed on. You are able to view each of these accounts, maintenance them, make transfers and more!

Customize your Home Screen

  1. Click “Settings” on the left side menu
  2. Select “Account Preferences”
  3. All of your accounts will appear in list format
  4. Click on the account that you would like to edit
  5. You are able to “Nickname” the account to be able to easier identify it in your homescreen
  6. OR turn off the visibility of the account so that you do not see it on your homescreen
  7. Navigate back to the homescreen to see your changes

By adding and verifying an external account from another institution to your PFCU Account, you can transfer to that external account with ease.Just follow these steps to connect that account:

  • Log in to your PFCU Online Banking and select 'Services' from the Menu
  • Select 'Add External Account' 
  • Enter your external account number, including any prefixes/suffixes, as required by external financial institution
  • Select the Account Type from drop down
  • Enter your external institution's routing number
  • Select 'Continue'

This will initiate the micro-deposit process. If the above information was entered correctly and the account is legitimate and working, the external account will receive two deposits of less than a dollar. It typically takes 3-7 business days to receive the deposits.

  • Once deposits have been received and recorded, return to your Online Banking Menu and select 'Transactions'
  • Select 'Verify External Account'
  • Select the external account that received the micro-deposits
  • Enter the amounts received in the appropriate fields in the order they were deposited
  • Select 'Continue'

If the amounts entered are matched with the amounts received, a “success” message will display and the processing is complete. The external account is now available for transactional use.‚Äč

Ready to simplify your life and save time? Give Bill Pay a try! You can quickly and easily pay bills online, and never worry about postmarked envelopes or running late with your payments. Plus, you're reducing your financial footprint and helping the environment. Start streamlining your payments today!. 

Simplify Your Life with Online Bill Pay

  • Receive and pay all of your bills in one place
  • Pay directly from your checking account without having to write a check
  • Get 24/7 access to your account to pay bills quickly and conveniently
  • Stay on top of your bills, track payments and eliminate late fees
  • Schedule payments in advance, get payment reminders and track your checking account balance
  • View your payment history online all in the same place
  • Eliminate the cost of stamps, paper checks and late fees

See how much you could save with Online Bill Pay with this easy-to-use calculator.

Note: Payments will be paid within 2 to 5 business days, not including weekends or federal holidays. If you pay a bill with insufficient funds, it will be handled like a regular NSF in your checking account. After a 6-month period of non-use, you may be removed from the Online Bill Pay system.

PFCU maintains your security by requiring your user name and password to sign in, and your personal information is protected by data encryption. Simply sign up for Online Bill Pay and then access the system after we confirm your enrollment within 48 hours.

If you need assistance while in Online Bill Pay, our support team is ready and willing to help you at 1-844-825-1130 between Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. ET. There is also an online chat feature to assist you during the same hours.

You’re already plugged in throughout the day so sign up to receive account alerts through your email or smartphone. With e-Alerts, you can manage your accounts and schedule several types of automatic notifications:

  • Account Balance
  • Direct Deposit Alert
  • Withdrawal Transaction
  • Deposit Transaction
  • Loan Past Due Alert
  • Insufficient Funds Alert
  • Daily Checking Balance
  • Savings Goals Alert
  • Reg D Alert
  • Budget Alerts
  • Name/Address Change

Getting Started

  • Log in to PFCU Online Banking and select “Services” from the Menu
  • Select “Alerts”
  • Select “New Alert” at the top right of the screen
  • Select the alert you would like to add, follow the prompts
  • Existing alerts will show up on the main page of alerts screen

Alerts can be delivered through email, voice message, text, push notification (on the app), or secure message within the app. Email messages will come from Text messages will come from

If you have any questions, contact us at 844-517-3611 or use our live chat support.

Please review PFCU’s e-Alert Disclosure.

Forget the paper. PFCU e*Statements are more secure and more convenient electronic versions of your monthly statement. PFCU notifies you by email that your e*Statement is ready to be viewed.

Log in to PFCU's Home Banking to access your latest statement and up to 36 months of previous statements. This free and secure feature offers fast delivery and ease of access at all times! 

How to Sign Up for e*Statements

If you’re registered for PFCU's Online Banking

  • Log in to your Online Banking and select ‘Settings’ in the menu
  • Select ‘Statement Preferences’
  • Select the drop down next to the correct Member Number
  • View and verify your email is correct
  • Change the delivery preference to Electronic Statements
  • Accept the E-Statement Delivery Agreement
  • Click 'Submit'

If You’re Not Registered for PFCU's Online Banking

If you have any questions, use our live chat support or contact us at 844-517-3611.

Please review PFCU’s e*statement Disclosure and Consent Agreement.

Why did PFCU change my online banking?

We upgraded our online banking system as part of our ongoing effort to provide account holders with state of the art banking functionality, convenience, and security. Our new online banking system offers robust online banking functionality on all of your devices, and enables you to bank anytime, anywhere like never before.

Will I have to re-register for online banking?

No, if you already registered, you will still have access. You will need to setup a new password. You may use your current or past password.

Is there an online resource for help?

Yes, there is a “help” button available in the menu.

Are there minimum browser requirements for this new system?

The only browser requirement is that your browser must be HTML5 compatible. We recommend updating your browser to the latest version available—not just to ensure compatibility with the new online banking experience, but also to ensure that your online banking is as secure as possible. Browsers below the following requirements will not provide functionality: Internet Explorer – Version 11 and below, Firefox – Version 79 and below, Chrome – Version 84 and below, Safari – Version 13 and below and Microsoft Edge. 

Can I use this on my phone/tablet?

Absolutely. Our new online banking system provides you the ability to bank anytime, anywhere, from any device—conveniently and securely. You can download the app on any Android or Apple device, and it will provide a consistent experience with banking from your desktop. If you’re on a platform that isn’t Android or Apple, you can always access online banking via your HTML5-compatible mobile browser.

What is a unified experience?

A unified experience simply means that the look and feel of your online banking is consistent on all of your devices. It does not mean that the exact same features and functions are available on every device. It is intended to improve your experience by making navigation simple and familiar regardless of device.

Need to send money to another PFCU member? Use the Member to Member Transfer feature to easily send funds to another PFCU account. Learn how to send and transfer money within online banking from the video below.

Transfer Money Video  Transfer Money Video with Audio Description

Visit Marketplace, your one-stop shop for financial applications! Marketplace gives PFCU members access to additional banking applications to manage their financial journey, right at their fingertips. Just log in through your PFCU Online Banking or Mobile App and you'll be able to take advantage of a variety of products! 

Access Marketplace Here Learn More About Marketplace Applications

Are you going on a trip? Ensure your debit or credit card works wherever you go by submitting a Travel Notification with ease! Just follow these steps through your Online Banking:

  • Log in to you PFCU Online Banking and select ‘Services’ from the Menu
  • Select ‘Travel Notification’
  • Enter the date you are leaving for your trip
  • Enter the date you are returning from your trip
  • Select your mode of travel
  • Select the States and Countries you will be visiting and passing through, including any layover locations
  • Select the Debit and Credit cards to apply the Travel Notification to
  • Select ‘Continue’

Travel notifications can take up to 24 hours to process and take effect. For travel notification requests that require more immediate processing please use the chat function on our website or contact us at 844-517-3611

Online Banking Access: Explore browser and application requirements for using PFCU's Online and Mobile Banking Requirements  Disclosure