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Offering you quick, easy and secure access to your account online – you can manage your money whenever you want with Online Banking from PFCU.

  • Person to Person Payments (P2P): No more IOUs. Send money directly to anyone, from the babysitter to your college student.
  • MoneyDesktop: Accounts here and there? Manage all of your accounts from multiple institutions in one convenient platform.
  • Text banking: Manage money anywhere. Text short-codes to get account information sent directly to your phone.
  • Alerts: Stay in the know. Receive near real-time notifications right on your mobile device.
  • Account Management: Customize your experience. Create accounts, change addresses, and update account information anytime.
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Learn how to send and transfer money within online banking.

Tool Tips to Get Started

Getting Started

  • Log in to PFCU Online Banking and select “Settings” on the left side menu
  • Select “Alerts”
  • Select “New Alert” at the top right of the screen
  • Select the alert you would like to add, follow the prompts
  • Existing alerts will show up on the main page of alerts screen

Types of Alerts

  • Date Alerts - Notification of special dates and times
  • Account Alerts - Notification of activity on a specific account
  • History Alerts - History of selected account
  • Online Transaction Alerts - Notification of specific online transactions occuring within your account online
  • Security Alerts - Various alerts to help keep your account secure

Note: If you had alerts set up prior to March 13, 2018 you will need to set them up as new alerts to continue the service.

Getting Started

  • Log in to your Online Banking account as normal
  • Click on “Bill Payment” on the left menu
  • Read and accept disclosure then answer security questions

Adding Payees

Click “Add Payee” at the top of the screen and enter the company information for those you frequently pay or even just a one-time payment. (Payee information is only entered once at set-up)

Paying Your Bills

  • Once payees have been added, enter how much you want to pay that company in the “Amount” column. The “deliver on” column shows what day the payment will arrive to the payee and when it will be deducted from your account. You may also schedule a future date.
  • Select “Review Payments” by scrolling down the screen to look over and submit

Other Important Information

  • All payments using Bill Pay will attempt to be delivered electronically. If your payee cannot accept electronic payments, a check will be mailed to the payee. The Bill Pay system will tell you the approximate delivery date of your payment.
  • Users must have a PFCU checking account

* Bill Pay becomes inactive if not used for 30 days and you are subject to a $5.00 fee. If you want to avoid this fee, call PFCU and ask to have Bill Pay turned off.

Creating Accounts

  • Log in to PFCU Online Banking and select “Services” on the left side menu
  • Select “Open a Sub-Account”
  • Choose the account that you want to open the sub-account, click “next”
  • Select an Account Type from the second dropdown menu
  • It will prompt you to answer questions regarding your new account
  • Review the “Account Opening
  • Disclosure” then click the box to accept terms and conditions. Click “next”

Getting Started

  • Sign up for E-Statements by logging into your PFCU Online Banking
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select the “Statement Preferences” tab
  • View and verify the PDF code
  • Update statement preferences and enter your email address

Getting Started

  • Visit your app store and search for PFCU4ME Mobile. Look for our free app and download.
  • Launch the app
  • Input the same username and password that you use for Online Banking.

Note: You must be signed up for and have used Online Banking on a computer to have the ability to access the app.

Link Accounts

  • Log in to PFCU Online Banking, you will automatically be directed to the home screen where you will see your PFCU accounts
  • Select “Link Account” at top right of the home screen
  • Search for your financial institution in the search box
  • Sign into your financial institutions online banking using your online banking credentials, select continue

Getting Started – Existing Users

  • Visit to enter your username and password
  • The next screen will require a secure access code (SAC). To receive a code, select phone, SMS or email.
  • Once you receive the SAC code, enter it in the box provided and press to continue
  • Update and look over your profile information, then press to go to the next screen
  • Look over and agree to the financial tools disclaimer
  • Read and accept the login disclaimer
  • You will automatically be directed to the home page of your new online banking!

Getting Started – New Users

  • Visit and click to register as a new user
  • You will be prompted to enter your name, account number, social security number, date of birth and zip code
  • Create username
  • The next screen will require a secure access code (SAC). To receive a code, select phone, SMS or email
  • Create password (follow requirements listed)
  • Update and look over your profile information then press to go to the next screen
  • Look over and agree to the financial tools disclaimer
  • Read and accept the login disclaimer
  • You will then be directed to the home page of your new online banking experience

Your New Home Screen

Your new homescreen features a snapshot of all of the accounts that you are listed on. You are able to view each of these accounts, maintenance them, make transfers and more!

Customize your homescreen

  • Click “Settings” on the left side menu
  • Select “Account Preferences”
  • All of your accounts will appear in list format
  • Click on the account that you would like to edit
  • You are able to “Nickname” the account to be able to easier identify it in your homescreen
  • OR turn off the visibility of the account so that you do not see it on your homescreen
  • Navigate back to the homescreen to see your changes

Group accounts on your homescreen

  • Click and hold on the account that you would like to group
  • Once you begin to move your cursor (while holding) a box with a “+” will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen (right)
  • Drag the account to that icon which will make a new group
  • Rename the group
  • You are able to make more groups or drag more of your accounts to existing groups

Getting Started

  • Once logged in to PFCU Online Banking, select the “Transactions” menu at the left of the screen
  • Select “Send Money”
  • Select the button “Send Money”
  • Read through to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Enter your PFCU debit card information and select continue
  • Enter the recipients mobile number or email

Important Notes

  • To send money externally, you must register your debit card within PFCU Online banking.
  • When you are ready to send money, you must know your PIN number.
  • Any transfer of money over $1,500 requires you to approve the transaction. You will be prompted to visit the activity center to approve the transaction. Once approved in the activity center, you will be prompted to select where you want the security code to be sent (text, phone, email).
  • Receiving debit card must be able to receive funds.
  • Money transferred through the “send money” button via debit card are instant transactions. Money transferred via a checking account is considered an ACH transaction and will take up to 2 days to complete.

Getting Started

  • Log in to PFCU Online Banking and select “Settings” on the left side menu
  • Select “text enrollment”
  • Move the slider to “on”
  • Enter your phone number in the “SMS Text Number” field
  • Check the “Agree to Terms” box

    Note: message and data rates may apply

  • You will be prompted to go to the account preferences to choose accounts to enroll in text banking
  • Click on the account you would like to enroll and click the SMS/Text tab
  • Slide the tab over to “On” and choose a display name


  • XFER - Transfer funds from one account to another. Enter full amount using dollar, decimal and cents
  • HELP - PFCU website address and phone number
  • BAL - List of account balances
  • HIST - Account history
  • STOP - Disable text banking for the enrolled mobile device (to reactivate, login to online banking)
  • LIST - List of available commands

Why did PFCU change my online banking?
We upgraded our online banking system as part of our ongoing effort to provide account holders with state of the art banking functionality, convenience, and security. Our new online banking system offers robust online banking functionality on all of your devices, and enables you to bank anytime, anywhere like never before.

Will I have to re-register for online banking?
No, if you already registered, you will still have access. You will need to setup a new password. You may use your current or past password.

Is there an online resource for help?
Yes, there is a “help” button available in the menu.

Are there minimum browser requirements for this new system?
The only browser requirement is that your browser must be HTML5 compatible. We recommend updating your browser to the latest version available—not just to ensure compatibility with the new online banking experience, but also to ensure that your online banking is as secure as possible. Browsers below the following requirements will not provide functionality: Internet Explorer – Version 11 and below, Firefox – Version 24 and below, Chrome – Version 30 and below, Safari – Version 6 and below. 

Can I use this on my phone/tablet?
Absolutely. Our new online banking system provides you the ability to bank anytime, anywhere, from any device—conveniently and securely. You can download the app on any Android or Apple device, and it will provide a consistent experience with banking from your desktop. If you’re on a platform that isn’t Android or Apple, you can always access online banking via your HTML5-compatible mobile browser.

What is a unified experience?
A unified experience simply means that the look and feel of your online banking is consistent on all of your devices. It does not mean that the exact same features and functions are available on every device. It is intended to improve your experience by making navigation simple and familiar regardless of device.