Courtesy Pay

Few things are more embarrassing than picking up the tab at dinner only to have your card declined for lack of funds. PFCU’s Courtesy Pay has you covered with overdraft protection from our Michigan credit union. You won’t overdraft on your account or bounce a check because PFCU will pay for the shortage in funds up to an approved limit. The limits vary for each individual account.

Here’s How Courtesy Pay Works

  • PFCU offers Courtesy Pay to every account holder, and overdraft protection is at the discretion of PFCU based on how you manage your account.
  • PFCU charges the normal non-sufficient fund fee (currently $25) for each item that draws your account negative.
  • You have 30 days to bring the account current through deposits made by funds transfer, direct deposit or a deposit made in person or by mail.

You are eligible for Courtesy Pay once your account has been active for 30 days and you’ve attained total deposits equaling $1,000. If you wish to opt out of the Courtesy Pay program, simply contact your local PFCU office and your Courtesy Pay limit will be removed.

If you have other questions, please use the live chat support feature at the top of this page or contact us today. Experience convenient courtesy pay with us!

PFCU reserves the right to suspend Courtesy Pay privileges if we believe there has been misuse of the program, if your account is not in good standing, or if you exhibit poor account management.

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