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Door-to-Door Scams

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Warning Signs and Ways to Stay Safe

Many consumers across the country report yard work and paving scams at this time of the year. These door-to-door sales people offer to pave driveways, fix roof shingles or complete other outside maintenance and ask for payment upfront for materials. In some cases they will say they have materials left over from a previous job, or they may use high pressure sales tactics to get you to commit right then and there. Remember, any company that wants your business, will be willing to come back when it’s convenient for you.

While there are certainly legitimate one-person operations, it’s important to protect your property and personal information from any potential scammers.

Do Your Research

  • Do an online search
  • Ask around the neighborhood
  • Check the Better Business Bureau

Remember you can always tell the person you are interested to come back another time so that you have time to look up their business.

Get it in Writing

  • Get the total project price
  • Establish the project timeline
  • Retain a copy of the signed contract

Keep documented records on all the items you and the other party have agreed to as it pertains to the project.

Watch for Deceptive Tactics

  • Watch for cars that are not normally in your area
  • Be aware of your surroundings

Protect yourself and your property. Many scammers will say they are with your current company in order to gain entrance to your home.

If you have any questions or believe you or someone you know has been victimized by this type of scam, please contact your financial institution right away. You also may consider contacting the local authorities to help prevent fraud.