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Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Spring has sprung and it's a great time to get clean! While spring cleaning is a great time to get your home and cars polished, it's also a great time to 'clean' and manage your finances! Check out these ways to clean your finances this spring: 

  • Check Your Interest Rates: Do you know what interest percentage you're paying on your loans and credit cards? Are you getting the best rate you can? Take some time to contact your loan providers and investigate these questions and ensure you're doing what's best for your pockets. 
  • Assess Bills & Payment Schedules: Is your current billing schedule working for you? Consider automating payments with known amounts to avoid missed payments, late fees, and eliminate some of the stress that comes with paying bills.
  • De-clutter Your Debt: Do you have a lot of debt with a lot of payments going every which way? It may be time to consolidate your debt. Through consolidation you are combining your debt into one loan with one monthly payment which may be easier to manage. Always ensure the interest rate and payment amount is something you can afford. 
  • Review Your Insurance Policies: Are you aware of the coverage amount currently offered on your Homeowners insurance? Do you know the amount you can save if you pay your auto insurance annually rather than monthly? Reach out to your insurance agent and review your policies. Do some investigation and see if other companies can offer you better coverage for a better rate! 
  • Plan for the Future: Ease the burden of spring cleaning by planning annual cleaning days throughout the year. Having the information you may need prepared prior to tax season could make your life a lot easier come spring!

While it may seem like a drag at first, a spring clean up can go beyond your bank account and provide peace of mind. Plan yours today!